University of North Texas Recital

James Ryon, oboe    Amanda Virelles, piano

Espen Lilleslatten, viola

UNT College of Music Recital Hall

October 10, 2016


Charles Martin Loeffler (1861-1935) - Two Rhapsodies for Oboe, Viola & Piano (1901):

1. L'Etang

2. La Cornemuse

Benjamin Britten (1913-1976) - Six Metamorphoses after Ovid for solo oboe, Opus 49 (1951):

1. PAN who played upon the reed pipe which was Syrinx his beloved

2. PHAETON who rode upon the chariot of the sun for one day and was hurled into the river Padus by a thunderbolt

3. NIOBE who, lamenting the death of her fourteen children, was turned into a mountain

4. BACCHUS at whose feasts is heard the noise of gaggling women's tattling tongues and shouting out of boys

5 NARCISSUS who fell in love with his own image and became a flower

6. ARETHUSA who, flying from the love of Alpheus the river god, was turned into a fountain


York Bowen (1884-1961) - Sonata for Oboe & Piano, Opus 85 (1927):

I. Allegro grazioso

II. Andantino espressivo

III. Allegro giocoso